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Houston Rental Search: How to Select Your Best-Fit Inner Loop Rental Styles and Types

Premium Houston Inner Loop rentals span a broad spectrum with Inner Loop neighborhoods offering property style and type choices to suit most every taste and lifestyle preference…

Apartments, condos, duplexes, fourplexes, high- and mid-rise rentals, lofts, townhomes, and free-standing houses, bungalows and estate homes… ranging from beautifully-renovated rentals to sleek new-construction rentals and everything in between.

Each has its perks and plusses with most people having an interest in multiple options. A variety of likes can definitely work to your advantage in the search for your perfect Inner Loop rental.

But it can work against you if you haven’t selected your top 2 or 3 faves. Here’s why…

Having too many likes with no pre-determined preference for specific rental types or styles leaves you susceptible to “shiny object” syndrome and latching onto a place that isn’t necessarily the best-match option for you. If the match is too far off the mark, a case of “shiny object” syndrome can quickly develop into an unpleasant and possibly lengthy bout of renter’s remorse, depending upon the terms of your lease agreement.

An Ounce of Prevention Can Save You Months of Misery

After you’ve chosen your ideal Inner Loop neighborhood, asking yourself and answering the following questions is a hale and hearty first “self-help” step toward determining some good-fit rental type- and style-matches for you.

The Perks without the Pains: There’s No Place Like [a Low-Maintenance] Home

Do I love the idea of a free-standing, single-family home, but detest the kind of work that can go along with it?

If this sounds like you, a well-appointed Inner Loop townhome or condo could be the right place for you. Condos and townhomes can afford the size and desired features of a free-standing house, but with a lot less maintenance and much smaller yard to contend with. Many condominium and townhome communities maintain your patch of green for you.

Old is “New”: Trendy Urban Space

Am I attracted to large open living spaces and/or architectural details from bygone days?

If your answer is “yes,” old buildings that have been converted into lofts should probably be given a fairly-high priority on your rental search list. You might also want to give serious consideration to older apartments and single-family homes that have been nicely-renovated and remodeled.

I’m the King (or Queen) of the World!: Cityscapes & Urban Vistas

Is my to-die-for place one with unobstructed views of Houston’s urban landscape?

If this is the case, a mid- or high-rise rental might be perfect for you. Inner Loop mid- and high-rise properties are situated in the thick of things and a number of incredible services and amenities such as doormen, front desk staff and 24/7 concierge services are typically standard offerings.

I Want It ALL!: “One-Stop” Rentals

Do I have a long wish list of amenities?

If your answer is a resounding “YES,” a number of extremely popular Inner Loop neighborhoods feature multiple contemporary apartment communities offering loads of amenities and common areas designed expressly to accommodate an incredible array of the needs, desires and interests of sophisticated modern urban-ites.

Need Help?

You’re not alone. Homing in on specific property type and style preferences is a daunting task for most. If your goal is to avoid renter’s remorse and end up with the best-possible rental match for you, your best bet is to engage the services of an experienced leasing specialist.

In The Loop’s team of REALTORS® are experts at bringing to light clients’ unique property type and style preferences… even when clients don’t think they have them!

Avoid putting yourself at risk for a nasty bout of renter’s remorse. Call 713-521-7368 today and put one of our specialists on the case… at NO COST to you!

On the Hunt for Your Best-Fit Tenant?

Click here to find out why our experienced team of licensed Realtors® are experts at helping you find the perfect-match resident for your premium Inner Loop rental property.

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