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Ada Perkins

Joining in 2005, as one of the original realtors during In The Loop’s startup phase, Ada Perkins not only brought her real estate expertise, but also her down-home, native Houstonian hospitality. With over 12 years of real estate experience, Ada has been described as a people-loving, passionate, loyal, and knowledgeable partner with the company.

When asked how she felt about her very first real estate offer, she described it as “humbling, and thrilling beyond belief”. Ada strongly believes that when you care for your clients, when you move mountains to close a deal, when you have passion out of this world for what you do, everything else falls into place. Leasing or buying a home is a major decision, and Ada believes in the value of patience with every single client. The real deal is not finding clients a home; it’s finding the right home based on their needs. Whether leasing or buying, nothing beats the smile on her client’s face when she’s found them the right property.

Before finding her true calling in real estate, Ada began her career as a sales assistant with Merrill Lynch, and eventually went on to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors to becoming a successful hair stylist! With her love for people, strong sense of business, and down to earth personality, Ada was ready to explore a new chapter in life with real estate.

Family is a major part of Ada’s life, and she attributes much of her success in life to her parents and siblings for being supportive and showing true compassion. Ada is also known to her friends and family as an avid TJ Maxx wizard, who has the ability to find the absolute best deals, no matter what! Perhaps all of the Home Goods and TJ Maxx trips prepared her for such a rockstar career in real estate. As an avid concert-goer, and Friday night movie host, Ada’s other loves are most certainly music and movies.

As a realtor, Ada doesn’t make a living off of her clients; she lives off of making her clients happy.

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